Each of our certified bartenders cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests, while maintaining our professionalism and creating the best environment for any kind events. Meet the incredible people that make part of this team.


Licensed bartender and experienced mixologist who focuses on hospitality with great customer experience. He has been in the bartender industry for over ten years. One of his passions is to create new flavors and drinks to make each event unique for our future customers. He graduated from the Bartender Academy of Florida and has all the required licenses to handle alcohol and food. If you are looking for the first-class service for a social or corporate event in South Florida, you will marvel at the level of dedication, creativity and excellent customer service it has to offer.

Juan Carlos

Graduated in civil engineering, his passion for cocktails led him to become a skilled bartender in an empirical way. Starting as a hobby, today he has over eleven years of experience. His charisma, creativity and professional ethics have made him very acclaimed by his clients. Holding all the required permits and licenses he is authorized to sell or serve alcoholic beverages in Florida. Residing in the USA since 2016, he has completed different courses, studies and masters, improving his technique and his skills in cocktails elaboration.


Joel is best known for his amazing “Sangria” but can also develop any unique cocktail for your next event; one that amplifies your experience to a new level. He is an experienced bartender that lets his passion speak for himself every time he works with our clients to create signature cocktails.


“Yane” is one charismatic bartender in our team that shares our passion and vision to deliver our top of the line bar service. She loves what he does and is ready to deploy his knowledge and areas of expertise to your next events.


“Tita” is one of our most gracious, friendly, patient and helpful bartenders in our team.She has the best ability to multi-task and work in a very busy environment. She has been a bartender for over seven years now and his experience is mixology is one of our greatest assets.


Ernesto Sanchez has been in the bar tendering industry for quite a while now, what you can expect when working with him is an open-minded, people-loving bartender who will show the highest level of respect and courtesy to you and your guests, no matter the event or how stressful the environment.