Here are some previous frequently asked questions our business has received. But please, feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have.

Q : Does Drink By Us has the General & Liquor Liability Insurance?

A: Yes, Drink By Us has the General & Liquor Liability Insurance. 


Q: Does Drinks By Us has the liquor licence required by the law ?

A: Yes, Drinks By Us had the liquor license required by the law to handle all kinds of alcohol beverages.  


Q: The liquor packages are open bar the entire time the event is going on? 

A: Yes, we guarantee the a full bar for the entire of your event. 


Q: Besides the alcoholic beverages, what else does the packages include ?

A: All packages include, juices, mixes, garnish, cups, ice, straws, etc.


Q: Is it possible to just hire the bartender or waitress services ?

A: Yes, it is possible. We also offer the staff services only. 


Q: What happens if i want to use glassware for my event ?

A: Totally possible, you just need to call us so we can quote you on that separately from the packages or services. 


Q: What happens if i want to change any liquor for one of my preference from the packages ?

A: It is possible, but you will just have to contact us so we can customize your package and quote you on it. 


Q: How does the payment work ?

A: Once the client is content with the quote received and decides to approve the estimate we will kindly ask for a 25% down payment of your total to book and secure the date of your event in our calendar. 


Q: How far do you guys extend your services here in South Florida ?

A: Our territory is Miami, but we can offer our services outside of Miami for a charge of 1.25 USD per mile traveled. 


Q: What happens if the venue doesn’t have a bar for your staff to work from ?

A: We have a service that allows the customer to rent our mobile bars for this kind of circumstances.